2018 Working Theme: Strategies and Options for Achieving Quality Education for All in Africa: Mapping a Research-Informed Response to SDG 4

The goal of the ICERDA 2018 conference is to explore and engage in meaningful discussions and debates surrounding innovate approaches to quality education in the global south focusing in particular on the sub-Saharan African context.  It will review the research evidence on the challenges and opportunities for enhancing the quality of education, and the implications for new policies and practices that will ensure a truly high quality, relevant and inclusive education for the youth of Africa. Some example sub-themes can be found below:


Early Childhood Education and Development

Inclusive Education & Practices

Gender and Equity in Education

Technical and Vocational Education

Technological Enhancements in Education

Innovative Pedagogical Practices in Education

Innovative Practices in Education

Curriculum and Inclusion

Social and Cultural Inclusion

Literacy and Numeracy

Inclusive Distance Learning

Linguistics and Language in Education

Education Policy and Inclusion

Entrepreneurship and Education

Alternative Education Provision and Pathways

Access and Equity in Education

Education and Communities 

More information to follow soon.